What We Do

In a nutshell we work with you to build a quality assurance program suitable for the size of your business.

A QA program used by Boeing or Toyota is obviously not suitable for a 50-person home health business. The core concepts are the same, but the level of complexity is very different. Knowledge management and systemization of process is the heart of a QA program and properly sized for your business will give you competitive advantage by increasing the capability of your employees and decreasing service defects that result in cost and loss of reputation.

In this tough reimbursement environment, defects in service delivery can be the difference between profit and a loss. Lack of efficiency, requiring more people to work perform tasks and costs associated with re-working work product resulting from defects can easily lift your back-office operations salary burden by 10% or more. Systematic errors can also badly affect your reputation with your referring sources and patients leading to lower volume in business.

While documenting process is not rocket science, it can be very tough for many people to start with a blank page. That’s where we come in. We act as a cheerleader and work to a defined plan, based on your pain-points, with your employee process experts to document tasks. The end result is:

We then document process flow by department on top of the relevant QMI’s so employees can readily see how work comes to them and where it goes after they add their effort. Process flow charts also allow employees to understand various WIP stages for both conforming and non-conforming product in that process flow.

Then we develop detailed production reporting for each work group/division and corresponding reports for key metrics to give line management the tools to react quickly to need and executive management to track volume and identify and understand exceptions to production metrics.

The totality of the documentation will allow you to readily train new staff (rather than relying solely on memory-based learning), manage production on hard data, ensure consistent outputs and quickly identify and rectify, through updating process and or training, any systematic fault identified in non-conforming product.


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